"I started my training with Asha in early 2015. I went to her with a recovering back injury and had my heart set on competing. She gave me the tools I needed to grow and compete within 6 months of training with her, as well as taking 1st place in that competition and 2nd place in the second competition we entered. She truly gives 100% to each and every client and there is no one else that I would trust my health with more. She has inspired me more than I can imagine and given me my pure love for training day in day out. I cannot recommend anyone other than Asha to help you chase your health and fitness dreams with her amazing talent."


"Asha you are one of the most dedicated people I have met, such an inspiration to me and soooo many, you've absolutely changed my life for the better. Over the past year, you've helped me sculpt my body to something I can be proud of. I appreciate all the time you've taken getting to know me and personalising my training to suit my needs. I needed someone who is strong enough to have my back and believe in me when I doubted myself, I am so grateful you've taken me on board and given me so much love and support, can't thank you enough."