Hey My Name is Asha Coulthard,

I'm 27 and live in Adelaide South Australia.

I was born in Meningie SA 3/10/1989. My family lived on a farm in Tintinara SA this is where I grew up for 7 years. It's from here we moved to a small town in the Northern Territory desert called Alice Springs.
It was here I found a true passion for body transformations, strength and drive. I competed on women's artistic gymnastics, sports aerobics and sports acrobatics for 10 years, taking out numerous titles and representing the NT all over Australia.

I was a shy girl growing up, my trampoline was a stress reliever, dress up parties and pizzas with my girlfriends was how I spent my weekends until I was 16. I dropped gymnastics, alcohol became my stress reliever and house parties were how I spent my weekends and even weekdays. This was my new hobby. I lost focus and gained weight but to most people I was still the same person. I was unhealthy, partied, and lived a life that most of us do at that young age. It became extreme and I was on a road that scared both my family and me.

I moved to Darwin for 6 months where I managed the special needs dental clinic. New friends, new beginnings but still old habits. I happened to fall in love with someone on the other side of Australia, so this is where my Adelaide journey begun!

I moved to Adelaide for a boy I was madly in love with, we had known each other from teenage years and felt a bond straight away. A few months down the track, things turned ugly and I was mentally, emotionally and physically abused. My move to Adelaide was the biggest mistake of my life. I was lucky that I was strong enough to break away and escape from the horror that was controlling my life. Home and my family; where I felt safe, were 14 hours away. It took its toll and I locked myself away from the world.

I moved out and bought a house, life was better, the days became easier and the memories began to fade. Even though things were better I was always very anxious about what lay ahead.

I was blessed to meet a coach who back then I would never have known would change my life forever. Gabe, I am forever grateful.

My journey, my life, my dreams begun here. 2012, a year to forget but a year to remember.

Gabe spent sometime explaining the ins and outs of bodybuilding and what opportunities that could arise from such a sport. He said to me " there's a competition in 4 weeks, you either smash it now to see if you like it, or wait another 6-12 months". He sent me away with the idea in my head to think it through. I made it out the door and knew straight away I was in! I wasn't muscly, I wasn't doing it to win, I purely did it to see if it was something that interested me. This point in my life I needed a distraction, guidance and I needed support. Gabe became more then a personal trainer, he became my coach, my support, my main man and my rock. FitPharm became my family.

4 weeks later I was on stage and took out the IFBB bikini open short title.

My life has had its ups and downs, as most of us will encounter. It’s your choice how you decide to overcome it. Be strong, look past the hurt, the tears, the pain and just think "there’s someone else out there fighting for theirs".

My advice is to dream big, set goals, find support, be open with your emotions and learn to love yourself.

I don’t want sympathy; I don’t want attention. I just want you all to know that we all have our struggles, I want to connect with you and have me as your support, here to lean on and guide you through any situation you may have or have had.

Live your life to the fullest, with no regrets, we only get one, so make it a great one! Do the things you love and be with the people who care, love and cherish yourself!

Asha Coulthard